At Small Town Specialties, we’re committed to holistic farming practices that prioritize the well-being of our planet. That means saying NO to harmful chemicals like glyphosate and embracing sustainable alternatives that work in harmony with nature.

We firmly believe that it’s our responsibility as stewards of the land to leave it better than we found it. We are creating a legacy for future generations. Join us on our journey toward a greener and healthier tomorrow!

Allen & Melissa Owners - Small Town Specialties

  • Gluten Free

    After our daughter was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and needed to go gluten-free, we searched for a flour that worked in the kitchen and met our dietary needs. The result? Lupin Flour, made from 100% sweet White Lupin beans. Soon after, we also added Black Chickpea Flour. Not only do these flours actually taste good, they’re packed with protein and fiber. These superfood superstars make delicious gluten-free pasta along with other baked goods. Want a speciality gluten-free flour for your restaurant? Lupin Flour and chickpea flour are both artisan alternatives to the usual GF suspects other run-of-the mill menus have.

    Use Lupin Flour 1:1 in recipes calling for traditional flour. When baking, you’ll need to use a binding agent such as tapioca or xanthum gum for optimum results.

  • Non-GMO

    In the world of bulk foods, there are many products with questionable ingredients. Just like we want the best for our family, we want the best for you and your clients, too. It’s why we only grow and stock natural, healthy non-GMO items. You can have peace of mind knowing our items are free from toxic chemicals, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Plus, our non-GMO farming practices are kinder on the earth, making it a big draw for those interested in ethical, artisan products.

  • 100% Domestically Grown

    Lately, we've seen a prevalance of food containing heavy metals and other mystery items. Because some countries have fewer regulations than the USA, you never know what you’ll get. This is one of the best reasons to support 100% domestically grown food. It’s a point of pride in our family to provide you with wholesome, American-grown products. We think you'll appreciate it, too!

  • Family

    At Small Town Specialties, our family is a part of our business, and our business is always treated like family. From large scale wholesalers to healthy home cooks, we extend the same warm welcome as we do our neighbors. It’s because we want you to know who we are as farmers, and where we come from. Then you can feel confident knowing our products are grown in the USA with high quality standards.